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Zudello was established with the vision of building the world’s best Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for the markets we serve. The initial focus of the business has been to seamlessly automate and simplify end to end accounting functions and improve business predictability and performance. Zudello uses a unique combination of AI, Machine learning and Cognitive Recognition technologies to ensure ease of implementation and onboarding

Zudello was founded by Neville Woller in 2018 after building accounting systems for automotive businesses. Neville saw first hand the wasted effort and costly mistakes in manual data entry systems and set about reinventing RPA for finance functions.

The business has developed proven RPA technology that is now relied on by small and large enterprises to achieve efficiency and cost saving gains, while also dramatically improving data integrity and accuracy and eliminating costly errors.

Zudello successfully completed a seed investment round in mid-2020 and added significant expertise and experience to the Board. 

Zudello continues to build out new RPA and bot technologies including its innovative workflow process automation toolset. Zudello’s latest technology innovation is in fraud detection, risk mitigation and expanding its AI-based bot technologies into other business functions.

Board of Directors

Neville Woller Founder and CEO

Neville has successfully founded 3 software businesses in the Accounting Software sector.

Neville has over 10 years experience in conceptualising and designing innovative solutions using the latest AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Recognition technologies.

John Fison Director and Chairman

John is an entrepreneur and leader who thrives on the challenge of identifying new market opportunities, developing a strategic plan and executing on it. John has started and sold 5 global businesses and has broad expertise in commercializing software and technology innovations across market sectors and geographies.

Andrew King Director

Andrew is an internationally renowned business leader with experience in real estate, funds management, technology and board governance. Andrew was a director or PRDnationwide and his involvement over 13 years in expanding the business to 4 corporate offices and 180 franchises lead to the the successful sale of the business in 2006.

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