Inventory and Accounting Automation

Get more done with less effort, eliminate data entry and streamline processes with automation

Simply snap, scan or email an invoice and Zudello will send it directly to your current software or turn it into actionable data that can be used in workflows with multistep approvals.

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How it works

Replace manual invoice data entry with Zudello’s intelligent automation.


Add invoices in seconds. Snap a photo, forward an email or


Add invoices in seconds. Snap a photo, forward an email or

Upload via

  • Mobile app
  • Email
  • Direct upload
  • Scan

Supplier inbox

Whether your suppliers send emails directly to Zudello or you forward them from your favorite email client, every message is synced and invoices extracted automatically.

Secure, searchable, scalable

Every invoice you add to Zudello is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud. Keep them as long as you need – You can even search and export the original invoices for your accountant or auditor.



Zudello uses the latest vision (OCR) technology to extract entire invoices instantly.

Skip The Data Entry

Using the latest OCR technology and machine learning to read each field on your purchase orders and invoices, including supplier details, products and freight charges.

Scan, learn, evolve

The more invoices you process, the smarter Zudello gets, because it’s built on machine-learning.

Duplicate detection

Never double-pay an invoice again. Whether you received it twice or it accidentally ended up in the unpaid pile, Zudello will detect any invoice you’ve already processed.

Price change alerts

Zudello keeps track of item prices and will alert you to any unexpected price changes.

Review and Approve

Review and Approve


Intuitive web and mobile apps that fit your team’s workflow.

One-click approvals

Review the invoice, approve and send to your accounting or inventory system in a single click.

Multiple Branches

Separate branches can also be set-up to assist in managing invoices and purchase orders based on the warehouse or location.

Manage Purchase orders

Fulfil or partially fulfil purchase orders. Receive real-time alerts for over and under supply.

Connect Zudello to your favorite apps.

Enter expenses, create and Fulfil purchase orders in your favorite inventory, accounting or ERP app.

Save time and increase accuracy

Cut your data entry time by up to 92% to free up time for your team. Get accurate, updated inventory numbers in real-time. And eliminate human error from your data entry process.

92% decrease in the time spent on data entry

Zudello understands your business

Our advanced machine learning gets to know your vendors, products and pricing. It uses that knowledge to automate tasks and catch errors before they turn into problems.

Say goodbye to bookkeeping anxiety

Zudello makes it easy to stay on top of your books, so you can hand them over to your accountant with confidence. Never lose an invoice, all your records are stored securely in the cloud.

On average a single invoice takes 10 minutes to process,
How much could Zudello save you?

300 Invoices a month
50 Hours
$ 1 ,100 Monthly savings (50 hours)

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